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Kaitlin Wheeler

Art is a portal into understanding the subliminal, the intangible, and the subconscious ways in which humans make sense of the world.  As a graduate student at Harvard Divinity School, I explore the power of performance art, filmmaking, and community-based installations. Through artivism and cultural awareness, I strive to engage participants with the natural world around them.


At Harvard, I worked as a VSA for the Semitic Museum and the Museum of Historical Scientific Instruments. The Semitic Museum is home to objects from Egypt and Mesopotamia, while the latter museum displays a wide range of scientific instruments used throughout history. 

During my undergraduate education, I worked as Lead Art Prep at the de Saisset Museum for four years. There I helped install exhibits for public viewing purposes. Topics of the environment, identity, race, diversity, migration, science, sculpture, indigenous people were all explored through the realm of social justice. 

As both a writer and a public environmental artist, this website offers the multiple facets of Kaitlin Wheeler. It features my recent film, Elemental, public art displayed throughout La Jolla and Santa Clara,  and writing published on Spoon University, Humans of HDS, and my own personal blog about my experience as a graduate student at Harvard. 

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