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Kaitlin Wheeler


I am an environmental activist, writer, podcaster, and artist. I work to educate communities on both climate and environmental justice through creative forms. I find that humans need to turn to nature, engaging with the five senses, in order to realize that it is both a teacher and a healer. As I know that climate change is a daunting and overwhelming subject, I find storytelling to be the best entrance into these subjects. Storytelling can be done in many forms. As art is able to capture the emotional truths of a person, so too can a podcast through sound, and the words that form on a page.

My activism is achieved through creativity. The creative consciousness has the ability to reach the masses, as it starts with the personal, the intimate. As an artist, I include participants in the second and many other life forms a piece can take on. 

If you are interested in a community mosaic installation involving a topic related to the environment, please contact me. If you are looking to hire a filmmaker to disseminate a message related to climate change and justice, please contact me. If you are a spiritual leader and would like to be interviewed on my podcast Awakening the Minds, please contact me.


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