Words are just as strong as actions. Speak to help not hurt.

Welcome to my page of published writing. Click on the photos below to go directly to the online articles. 

Mainstream News

The Future View publishes student op-eds with topics related to the coronavirus. 

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Lead Staff Writer and Photographer for Humans of HDS

At Humans of Harvard Divinity School (HDS), I interview students, transcribe the interviews, compile the information into a linear narrative, and embed photos all to be posted online. The narratives capture how these students first decided to come to HDS and what they are doing now that they are here. 

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Contributing Writer for HDS Admissions Student Blog

This blog is used to educate prospective students about Harvard Divinity School. Topics range from possible courses to writing a personal statement for Harvard. 

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Articles Published During My Undergraduate Degree at Santa Clara University

At Santa Clara University, I majored in Communication with an emphasis in Journalism. I was first inspired by Spoon University and worked as a freelance food writer for BayArea.com. My interests changed once I started covering climate change and zero waste stories focused on the Center for Sustainability at SCU. One of my articles about a zero-waste campus is published both in The Santa Clara and Ignatian Solidarity Network. During my Senior year, I worked as an ESL teacher helping Mexican women immigrants and refugees learn English so they could to take the citizenship exam. These stories are now published on the website https://borderlands2018.wixsite.com/mysite

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Spoon University

At the beginning of my Sophomore year in college, I joined Spoon University. This is an online database made up of thousands of articles about food. Topics range from health to the latest innovations in the food industry. As a writer I have researched and reported on quite a few topics that have been published on the SpoonUniversity.com. After taking on a new position as the Editorial Director for my chapter, I managed a team of about 10-15 writers who pitched ideas to me. My role was editing this work for publication. During my Senior year, I became the president for my chapter, in which I managed the different leaders, making sure the club was efficient and inclusive in its content and educational agenda. 

La Jolla High School's Hi-Tide Newspaper

​​The Hi-Tide is the school newspaper for La Jolla High School. In 11th grade, I decided to join the newspaper because I've always been interested in journalism. That is the best academic decision I have ever made. I am now an opinions writer and the political cartoonist for the newspaper. I am not afraid to speak how I feel because I beleive everyone's deserves for their opinion to be heard by others.

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More Political Cartoons
My first political cartoon
My first political cartoon

It made it into the first issue of the HI-Tide

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This cartoon stresses the need for people to appreciate what they have, instead of just taking everything for granted.

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Amazon drones
Amazon drones

The topic of amazon drones has showed up in many articles. They are more efficient, but many people don't see the possible side effects.

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My first political cartoon
My first political cartoon

It made it into the first issue of the HI-Tide

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